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NonBinary Solutions, is led by Mandy Ralston, a 25 year veteran in the field where she's creating solutions - Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy). Mandy is a serial founder, an award-winning entrepreneur, an international thought leader and invited speaker.

NBS is a technology & consulting firm that designs Clinical Decision Support Systems for autism service providers that dramatically improve the quality and efficacy of decision-making by offering a systematic and standardized approach to treatment planning.  


NBS is composed of a talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that will contribute towards a better tomorrow. We believe there is great potential for growth through service to those impacted by autism and neurodiversity. If you're a believer too, join our team as an investor, and support our quest to improve care using ground-breaking technology.

A Few Things to Consider

Voted "Crowd Favorite" at 5 Across Pitch Competition. #SocialProof

We've got a crack team of successful founders with multiple successful exits. #Team

Amanda Ralston- serial Founder: 2 ABA clinics in 2 decades with last exit to KKR-back group in 2019.

Ralston is an award-winning businessperson and jobs creator

Ralston is a 25-year practitioner, expert, international thought leader and invited speak

Our group has great culture and synergy between clinical, development, and operations

We have an LOI from managed care organization for state medicaid provider program.

One of our first customers is a prominent University with an autism research center.

Stay up-to-date

Check out our first quarter update for 2023 and stay in the know about everything at NonBinary Solutions.

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