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Everyday Behaviorists: Faces of Behavior Analysis, #12, Amanda “Mandy” Ralston


Meet Amanda “Mandy” Ralston, a passionate and fiery professional dedicated to the field of Behavior Analysis (BA). Born and raised in Weston, WV, Mandy's educational journey began at Centre College, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After being introduced to the field of applied behavior analysis in the early 2000s, Mandy later pursued a Master's in Education at Arizona State University, further solidifying her commitment to positively impacting peoples’ lives with behavior analysis. Throughout her career, Mandy has been fortunate to learn from influential mentors, such as Drs. Vincent Carbone, Mykol Hamilton, Tyra Sellers, and Don Stenhoff, all of whom played pivotal roles in shaping her approach to applied behavior analysis.

Mandy's interest in behavior analysis was ignited in 1999 when she wrote a paper discussing the rise in autism diagnoses and the helpfulness of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in designing individualized treatments. She was connected with several families that flew a consultant out once a quarter to teach her and other independent contractors about ABA. It didn’t take long for Mandy to find her passion in helping children communicate through play.

Over the years, Mandy gained experience working with a broad range of individuals, primarily focused on autism and the larger neurodivergent community. Additionally, her entrepreneurial spirit mixed with that passion: She eventually started an ABA company, Verbal Behavior Consulting, which she later sold, and she is now Founder and CEO of NonBinary Solutions.

NonBinary Solutions is a company with a profound mission — to revolutionize care navigation and treatment planning through the development of Knowetic™️, a groundbreaking software that promises to redefine the landscape of clinical care for individuals with diverse behavioral needs. Mandy’s hope is that clinicians will embrace the technology daily, as it will allow them to streamline clinical decision-making processes and ultimately improve the lives of those they serve. Mandy and her team are currently in the midst of a nationwide tour, connecting with professional behavior analysts across the United States.

One of the things Mandy loves most about behavior analysis is the compassionate and unbiased lens that Behavior Analysis provides, which allows people to understand and analyze behavior without prejudice. She truly enjoys helping people tackling complex problems and guiding others to their "ah-ha" moments where they can make changes for themselves.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mandy cherishes her role as a cat mom to Skinner and Watson – she will give you two guesses on their namesakes! In her free time, she indulges in a variety of interests, including working out, cooking, traveling, taking photos, and, of course, all the memes. (Follow her page for all the risque memes your heart desires.) An avid dancer, Mandy has proudly earned two dance-related injuries—a hernia and a broken nose, proof of her dedication to the art of boogie.

To connect with Mandy and learn more about NonBinary Solutions and Knowetic™️, visit her website, or follow her on Facebook @amanda ralston or Instagram @amemeda_ralston , @nonbinary_solutions

NonBinary Solutions

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The purpose of the “Everyday Behaviorist: Faces of Behavior Analysis” series is to lift people up and show my little corner of the world that behavior analysts are good people, doing good things. We come in ‘all shapes and sizes,’ have diverse backgrounds, work with many different populations, and have many interests outside our powerful science. Mandy puts her own spin on being a behaviorist every day, as an entrepreneur and software creator. She is one more shining data point in a galaxy of many.


Image description: This collage of three images show Mandy in her everyday life, weightlifting, doing a spot of amateur modeling, and spending quality time with her furry companions.

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