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Amanda Ralston Wins Autism Investor Summit Fast Pitch Competition and Innovation for Autism Award

NonBinary Solutions, a cutting-edge autism-focused startup, is thrilled to announce that its founder and CEO, Amanda Ralston, was presented with the Innovation for Autism Award at the Autism Investor Summit.

The Summit brought together industry leaders and innovators to showcase leading-edge solutions for autism intervention and treatment. The Fast Pitch Competition, held at the Summit, saw Amanda Ralston emerge as the winner after delivering a pitch that stood out among other competitors.

NonBinary Solutions is an organization that specializes in providing innovative and personalized care and support for individuals living with autism. They provide Clinical Decision Support Systems for autism service providers dramatically improving the quality and efficacy of decision-making with a systematic and standardized approach to treatment planning. Using advanced technology, the company has developed a comprehensive and fully customizable intervention program that reduces the time and expertise required to make treatment decisions while utilizing the most up-to-date information available.

Nominees for the Innovation for Autism Award were required to display innovative measures in the intervention and treatment of Autism. With several competing organizations presenting unique solutions, winning the Innovation for Autism Award is an enormous endorsement of NonBinary Solutions as a leading innovator in the autism intervention space.

"I am honored to be recognized for our hard work improving the quality of life for individuals living with autism. Our team remains dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions promoting tools that provide the best treatment options for the autism community," shared a proud Amanda Ralston.

For more information about NonBinary Solutions and its innovative autism intervention program, please visit

About NonBinary Solutions

NonBinary Solutions is a leading autism-focused startup that provides specialized solutions for individuals living with Autism. The organization leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver fully customizable and innovative care and support that promotes and enhances health and wellness for the autism community.

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