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Mandy Ralston to Present at Humanity Rising – Technologies of Hope Series, Autism Online Event

Humanity Rising is a global movement focused on reshaping the post pandemic world to transform it in alignment with a positive and sustainable future. The group recognizes that technology has not been the solution to many of our most significant challenges. Indeed, technology and innovation have actually created serious problems.

However, technology, when deployed correctly, can mitigate problems we face moving forward. Clinical support for those affected by autism is one of the challenges currently being addressed by NonBinary Solutions through the capable leadership of Mandy Ralston. Humanity Rising has invited her to share her journey to the development of ground-breaking technology changing the landscape of clinical environments supporting neurodiverse patients in our upcoming Technologies of Hope Zoom Webinar.

Technologies of Hope – Autism Zoom Webinar

June 8, 2023

11:00 a.m. EST

Autism is now diagnosed in 1in 36 individuals. There has been a 500% increase in service providers in the last 10 years. Over half of those providers have less than 5 years of experience. NonBinary Solutions’ interactive models solve several immediate problems in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis by significantly reducing the time required to complete and standardizing the process of treatment decisions with all relevant and up-to-date data and literature at the user’s fingertips. Tools provided by NBS act as an interactive mentor for clinicians in a field where experienced mentors are difficult to find and retain.

About Amanda Ralston

The Humanity Rising - Technologies of Hope series is focusing attention on presenter: Dr. Amanda “Mandy” Ralston, Founder & CEO. Serial Entrepreneur. Clinical Intelligence & Data Analytics Leader. Neurodiversity/DEI/Culture Forerunner. Dynamic Speaker. Creative/Creator. Evangelist in Chief. Mandy has been certified as a behavior analyst since 2002. During her career she has founded two autism service clinics- the most recent of which was successfully acquired in 2019. Her most recent venture is NonBinary Solutions - a data analytics and technology firm making Clinical Decision Support Systems for constituents of neurodiversity. Her behavior continues to be shaped by its impact on a world where autism exists, and the field of behavior analysis.

About NonBinary Solutions

NonBinary Solutions is a leading autism-focused startup that provides specialized solutions for individuals living with Autism. The organization leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver fully customizable and innovative care and support that promotes and enhances health and wellness for the autism community.

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