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NBS – UGA: The Promise of Groundbreaking Help for Individuals with Autism

News Release Contact: Tim Guthrie

NBS – UGA: The Promise of Groundbreaking Help

NBS – UGA Partnership

Brings New Hope for Individuals with Autism

LOUISVILLE KY, July 13, 2023 - NonBinary Solutions (NBS) today announced a partnership with the University of Georgia’s Mary Frances Early College of Education’s Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research (CABER). This synergistic partnership will create a better understanding of unique individuals who come into the Center's programs through the creation of a custom intake platform. The platform will track and learn about students’ progress and capture data to help to better understand the effects CABER’s interventions on an aggregate level.

CABER is renowned for its research and services for individuals with autism spectrum and other developmental disorders. The collaboration will combine NBS’s expertise in behavioral science data analytics with CABER’s resources and research capabilities. The partnership will enable the gathering of necessary data, improved services, and the development of interventions and supports that can improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families. The purpose of the new partnership is to achieve these goals and to help individuals with autism reach their full potential.

Dr. Kevin Ayres, co-director for CABER explained, “We want our clinicians to have oversight within an informed and scaffolded decision-making process. This can better ensure their treatment decisions are on par with those of highly experienced clinicians. All clinicians would be “mentored” by this training platform and have, so to speak treatment guardrails, around their decision-making process. When they face any range of decision points, their treatment guidance will be informed by rules that are based on patient data, and the best science and ethics available.”

Amanda Ralston, NBS CEO and founder added, “The NBS platform is intended to reduce the time required for evaluating individuals’ specific needs. It will standardize the process of treatment decision making with relevant and up-to-date data and literature available at the user’s fingertips.” The platform to be developed through the partnership will act as an interactive mentor for clinicians in a field where experienced mentors are difficult to find and retain.

In addition to student evaluations and treatment, education and consulting decision making, the data gathered will be rolled-up into an all-inclusive resource. This will provide a full spectrum of reporting insights about successful treatments and effective evaluation methods, and more. Importantly this derived from a large and meaningful representative sample.

Ralston said, “This partnership represents a ground-breaking opportunity to improve the lives of individuals with autism, their families, teachers, healthcare resources, and outcomes for all. The NBS team is proud and excited to be building a better future side-by-side with CABER Services at the University of Georgia.”

About NonBianary Solutions

NonBinary Solutions is an autism-focused startup that provides specialized solutions for individuals living with autism. The organization leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver fully customizable and innovative care and support that promotes and enhances health and wellness for the autism community.

About University of Georgia Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research

The Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research, housed in the Mary Frances Early College of Education, is focused on research, training for educators and therapists, and providing needed services to the community for individuals with autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disabilities (of all ages), and children who are struggling either academically or behaviorally.

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